[2016] better late than never

I realise that we’re already over a month into 2016 but there are still over ten months left. So as the title says, better late than never.

2015 was a wonderful year.


We got married – a truly magical day. We travelled to new and favourite places. We visited Copenhagen for the second time, we honeymooned in southern Italy and we discovered Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, later in the year.

lisbon, tram

Finally, we finished the year with the news that we were expecting our first child! It was really fabulous news. However it has curbed my blogging somewhat, as I spent the first few months being quite sick.

2016 looks as if it will be an exciting year with our baby arriving in the summer.

I am keen that this blog continues with the style and beauty content that I have always written but I also want to start to document my pregnancy and the journey I’m on. So I have started a new blog – the Trainee Mum – to do this. If you’re interested in the content, let me know what you think. Otherwise, I’ll be sure to be back on track with posting on here very soon.


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