Sugar & Spice founder, Emily Taylor, began her fashion and lifestyle blog as a distraction from her 9-5.

Emily is a fashion blogger with an eye for a bargain: vowing never to spend full price for anything if she could help it!

A self-confessed shopaholic and prolific collector of nail polishes, Sugar & Spice is a personal fashion diary which allows a window onto Emily’s world.

Sugar & Spice celebrates all that is beautiful: from catwalk shows to high street outfits on a budget.

Emily believes that in order to appreciate fashion and to dress stylishly, it is not necessary to have a wardrobe filled with designer clobber: Sugar & Spice demonstrates that this is possible.

Emily has been an editor for Links à la Mode at Independent Fashion Bloggers.

Emily has been a guest writer for Next’s fashion blog.


Helena is Emily’s Super Stylish Sis and all round stylish extraordinaire! She is a sometime member of the Sugar & Spice team.

After studying English at university, Super Stylish Sis now works in fashion retail. She worked for high street giant Marks and Spencer for three years after graduating and now lives and works in London at Thomas Pink, having previously working for Charles Tywhit and Boden.

Super Stylish Sis is a health and fitness convert and writes her blog at The Fit Advisor.


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