Sugar & Spice is aimed at young women between the ages of 18 – 35, although readers often fall outside of this core group. Sugar & Spice is written by women for likeminded women: women who have a limited disposable income and are looking to optimise their spending power and to create fabulous fashion looks on a budget.

There a few ways in which brands can work with Sugar & Spice:

1. Advertising:

We currently offer sidebar adverts, either an image or a text link.

2. Products for review:

At Sugar & Spice products are accepted for review, these maybe anything from an item of clothing to beauty products, from technology products to services. However, we aim to maintain Sugar & Spice as a positive space and if we are unhappy with any aspect of the product or service received, we will simply not review it.

3. Sponsored posts:

Similar to product review posts however as a sponsored post is paid for, the brand will have greater control over what is written. Sugar & Spice retains editorial control however and will write any sponsored posts.

4. Guest posting:

As the editor of Sugar & Spice, Emily has more than two years of writing experience for an online publication and is available to write guest posts for brand websites and blogs.

For further information, or pricing, regarding any of these options, or for a copy of the Media Kit, please do not hesistate to contact us.


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